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Identify and Learn about Western Australian Orchids

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Genus The Vocabulary of Orchids – Genus Common Name
Caladenia kal-uh-DEE-nee-uh kalos, beautiful + aden, gland – calli on labellum. Spider Orchids spider like shape
Calochilus kal-oh-KY-lus kalos, beautiful + cheilos, a lip – the fringed labellum. Beard Orchids bearded labellum
Corunastylis koh-run-a-STY-liss koryne, club + stylis, – the column Pygmy Orchid one of the smallest orchids
Corybas KOR-ry-bas corybant, Greek – dance performed by armed men to the goddess Cybele Helmet Orchids helmet shaped flower
Cryptostylis krip-toh-STY-lis cryptos, concealed, + stylos, a column. Slipper Orchid slipper shaped flowers
Cyanicula sy-an-IK-yoo-la cyanos, blue + icula, small – the flower Blue Orchids blue colouring of the flower
Cyrtostylis sir-toh-STY-lis kyrtos, curved, + stylos, a column Mosquito Orchids flowers resemble (and attract) small insects
Diuris dy-YOOR-is dis, double + oura, a tail – ref. the lateral sepals Donkey Orchids petals look like donkey ears
Drakaea DRAY-kee-uh Miss Sarah Anne Drake (1803-1857), prolific botanical illustrator Hammer Orchids lip is shaped like and swings like a hammer
Elythranthera el-ith-RAN-ther-uh elytron, cover + anthera, anther – ref. column wings Enamel Orchids shiny glossy tepals
Epiblema epi-BLEM-uh epiblema, Greek: shawl covering – covered anther Babe-in-a-cradle looks like baby kicking its blanket off
Ericksonella erickson-ella Rica Erickson (1908-2009), author, botanical artist, naturalist. Sugar Orchid glistening white flowers
Eriochilus air-ee-oh-KY-lus erion, wool + cheilos, lip – labellum surface Bunny Orchids sepals like rabbit ears and lip furry
Gastrodia gas-TRO-dee-uh gastrodes, belly – the pot-bellied flower shape Potato Orchid large tubers utilised as food by Aborigines
Leporella lep-or-ELL-uh leporis, hare + ella, small – flower shape Hare Orchid paired petals look a bit like hare ears
Leptoceras lep-TOS-er-us leptos, slender + ceras, horn – shape of the petals Rabbit Orchid clubbed petals upright like rabbit ears
Lyperanthus ly-per-AN-thus lypros, poor + anthos, flower – dull coloured flowers Beak Orchids beak-like hood formed by the dorsal sepal
Microtis my-KRO-tis mikros, small + otus, ear – ear-like column wings Mignonette Orchids resembles the Mediterranean wild mignonette
Paracaleana para-kay-lee-an-uh para, beside + Caleana – close relationship with genus Caleana Duck Orchids duck shaped flower
Pheladenia fel-uh-DEE-nee-a phelos, false + aden, gland – distinct labellum calli Blue Beard blue orchid with beard-like labellum
Praecoxanthus pray-kox-anthus praecox, early + anthos, flower – flowering time Leafless Orchid leafless when flowering
Prasophyllum praz-o-FY-lum prasos, a leek + phyilos, a leaf – leek-like leaves Leek Orchids leek-like leaves
Pterostylis ter-uh-STY-lus pteros, a wing + stylos, a style – winged column Greenhoods colour and shape of the flower
Pyrorchis py-ROR-kis pyr, fire + orchis, orchid – post fire flowering Fire Orchids fire shaped and flame coloured flowers
Rhizanthella ry-zan-THEL-uh rhiza, root + anthos, flower – flower emanates from the roots Underground Orchid only orchid genus to flower underground
Spiculaea spik-yoo-LAY-uh spicula, spiked – column wings Elbow Orchid elbow-like bending of the lip on a hinge
Thelymitra thel-ee-MY-tra thelys, female + mitra, a cap – hooded column Sun Orchids flower opens in warm sunshine


CaladeniaCaladenia CalochilusCalochilus CorunastylisCorunastylis CorybasCorybas CryptostylisCryptostylis CyaniculaCyanicula CyrtostylisCyrtostylis DiurisDiuris DrakaeaDrakaea ElythrantheraElythranthera EpiblemaEpiblema EricksonellaEricksonella EriochilusEriochilus GastrodiaGastrodia LeporellaLeporella LeptocerasLeptoceras LyperanthusLyperanthus MicrotisMicrotis ParacaleanaParacaleana PheladeniaPheladenia PraecoxanthusPraecoxanthus PrasophyllumPrasophyllum PterostylisPterostylis PyrorchisPyrorchis RhizanthellaRhizanthella SpiculaeaSpiculaea ThelymitraThelymitra



(Not included: about 100 unnamed species)


Autumn Winter Spring Summer
best month mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec jan feb
394 species 0 11 3 7 20 90 137 85 23 18 0 0

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Genus species Official
Common Name
sub group Best Month The Vocabulary of Orchids – Species
Caladenia abbreviata Coastal Spider Orchid c wispy 11nov shortened – tepals
Caladenia ambusta
Boranup Spider Orchid c white 11nov burned – profuse flowering only in the season following summer wildfire. (Orig.col., Greg Bussel, 2000)
Caladenia applanata Broad-lipped Spider Orchid c white 10oct Broad-lipped Spider Orchidflattened – labellum
Caladenia applanata ssp. erubescens Rose Spider Orchid c white 09sep erubescens: blushing; rosy – flower
Caladenia arenicola Carousel Spider Orchid club sep 08aug Carousel Spider Orchidsand + dweller – habitat
Caladenia arrecta Reaching Spider Orchid club tep 08aug set upright – petalsReaching Spider Orchid
Caladenia attingens Forest Mantis Orchid c green 10oct reaching, attaining – extended calli
Caladenia attingens ssp. effusa
Granite Mantis Orchid c green 09sep effusus: loose, spreading – lateral sepals
Caladenia attingens ssp. gracillima Small Mantis Orchid c green 09sep Small Mantis Orchidgracillima: slender – flower
Caladenia barbarella Small Dragon Orchid c dragon 08aug Small Dragon Orchidbeard + small – flower. (Orig.col., Alex George, 1969.)
Caladenia barbarossa Dragon Orchid c dragon 10oct 4. Dragon Orchidsbeard + red – labellum
Caladenia bicalliata Limestone Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Limestone Spider Orchidtwo + calli – two rows of labellum calli
Caladenia bicalliata ssp. cleistogama Sandhill Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug Limestone Spider Orchidcleistogama: closed – fertilised within the unopened flower
Caladenia bigeminata
‘Yerina Springs’
Yerina Springs Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug two + paired – two longitudinal rows of paired calli.
Caladenia brevisura Short-sepalled Spider Orchid crested 09sep short sepals
Caladenia brownii Karri Spider Orchid club sep 10oct Karri Spider OrchidAndrew Brown (1951-), orchidologist, orchid expert and author.
Caladenia bryceana Dwarf Spider Orchid crested 08aug Dwarf Spider OrchidsFrancis Bryce Maclntyre, orig.col., found near Gnowangerup in 1914.
Caladenia bryceana ssp. cracens Northern Dwarf Spider Orchid crested 08aug Northern Dwarf Spider Orchidcracens: neat, slender – slender-headed calli
Caladenia busselliana Bussell’s Spider Orchid club sep 09sep Greg Bussel, orig.col., 1990, helpful orchid enthusiast.
Caladenia caesarea Mustard Orchid c wispy 10oct Mustard OrchidCaesar, Roman emperor, majestic, imperial – flower
Caladenia caesarea ssp. maritima Cape Mustard Orchid c wispy 08aug Cape Spider Orchidmaritima: sea-coast – habitat
Caladenia caesarea ssp. transiens Dwarf Mustard Orchid c wispy 09sep transiens: passing into – labellum shape
Caladenia cairnsiana Zebra Orchid crested 08aug Zebra OrchidHonouring the Rev. Adam Cairns, of Melbourne.
Caladenia chapmanii Chapman’s Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Chapman's Spider OrchidEric Chapman of Dinninup, keen WA orchid enthusiast.
Caladenia christineae Christine’s Spider Orchid c white 10oct Christine Hopper – wife of Prof. Steve Hopper.
Caladenia citrina Margaret River Spider Orchid c white 09sep Margaret River Spider Orchidlemon colour – flower
Caladenia corynephora Club-lipped Spider Orchid club tep 12dec Club-lipped Spider Orchidclub + bearing – clubbed labellum tip
Caladenia crebra Arrowsmith Spider Orchid club sep 08aug Arrowsmith Spider Orchidclose, compact – labellum calli
Caladenia cristata Crested Spider Orchid crested 09sep Crested Spider Orchidcrested – calli arrangement
Caladenia cruscula Reclining Spider Orchid c white 09sep Reclining Spider Orchidsmall legged – comparatively short tepals
Caladenia decora Esperance King Spider Orchid club sep 09sep Esperance King Spider Orchidpainted – flower colouration
Caladenia denticulata Yellow Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Yellow Spider OrchidCaladenia denticulatasmall tooth – labellum margins. (Orig.col., James Drummond, 1839.)
Caladenia denticulata ssp. albicans
Alabaster Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep albicans: white + almost – the dull white flowers
Caladenia denticulata ssp. rubella
‘Jarrah forest’
Clumped Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug Clumped Spider Orchidrubellus: reddish – flower
Caladenia dimidia Chameleon Orchid c wispy 08aug half – smaller lip size
Caladenia discoidea Dancing Orchid c other 08aug Dancing Orchiddisc shaped labellum
Caladenia dorrienii Cossack Spider Orchid c wispy 10oct Capt. Arthur Algernon Dorrien-Smith, orig.col., (1876-1955), English naturalist.
Caladenia doutchiae Purple-veined Spider Orchid crested 09sep Purple-veined Spider OrchidLeila Beatrice Doutch, orig.col., 1921.
Caladenia drakeoides Hinged Dragon Orchid c dragon 09sep Hinged Dragon Orchidlike a Drakaea – hinged lip. (Orig.col., John Tonkinson, 1960’s.)
Caladenia drummondii Winter Spider Orchid c white 05may Winter Spider OrchidJames Drummond, orig.col., (1784-1863), Botanist, naturalist and avid collector.
Caladenia dundasiae Patricia’s Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug Patricia's Spider OrchidPatricia Dundas (1952-), botanical artist and orchid enthusiast.
Caladenia elegans Elegant Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug Elegant Spider Orchidelegant – attractive flowers
Caladenia ensata Stumpy Spider Orchid club tep 10oct sword shaped – points on petals and lat. sepals
Caladenia erythrochila Lake Muir Blood Orchid c wispy 09sep red + lip – labellum. (Orig.col., Harry Winfield 1970’s.)
Caladenia erythronema
Nyabing Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Wispy Spider Orchidsred + thread – red hairs which adorn the petals and sepals
Caladenia evanescens Semaphore Spider Orchid c wispy 11nov elusive, vanishing – nature of species. (Orig.col., Ron Oliver, Albany, 1962.)
Caladenia excelsa Giant Spider Orchid c white 10oct Giant Spider Orchidlofty, high – plant stature
Caladenia exilis Salt Lake Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug Caladenia exilisslender – lip and tepals
Caladenia exilis ssp. vanleeuwenii Moora Spider Orchid c wispy 07jul Moora Spider OrchidSteven van Leeuwen, research scientist, Dept. of Parks and Wildflife
Caladenia exstans Pointing Spider Orchid c green 10oct projected – labellum reaches forward
Caladenia falcata Green Spider Orchid * c green 09sep Green Spider Orchid, Fringed Mantis Orchidsickle-shaped – upswept sepals
Caladenia ferruginea Rusty Spider Orchid club sep 09sep Rusty Spider Orchidrust coloured – flower. (Orig.col., William Nicholls.)
Caladenia filifera Blood Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Blood Spider Orchidthread like – narrow tepals
Caladenia flava Cowslip Orchid c fairy 08aug Cowslipyellow – flower
Caladenia flava ssp. maculata Kalbarri Cowslip Orchid c fairy 08aug Kalbarri Cowslip Orchidmaculata: spotted – dorsal sepal and petals
Caladenia flava ssp. sylvestris Karri Cowslip Orchid c fairy 10oct Karri Cowslip Orchidsylvestris: forest, woods + habitat
Caladenia fluvialis
‘Brookton Hwy’
Brookton Highway Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep stream, running water – preference for moist soils
Caladenia footeana Crimson Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug Crimson Spider OrchidHerb Foote, orchid photographer and enthusiast. Foundation pres. WANOSCG
Caladenia fuscolutescens Ochre Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep brown + yellow – flower colour
Caladenia gardneri Cherry Spider Orchid c white 10oct Cherry Spider OrchidGeorge Gardner, amatuer naturalist
Caladenia georgei Tuart Spider Orchid club sep 09sep Alex George, botanist WA Herbarium
Caladenia graminifolia Grass-leafed Spider Orchid club tep 08aug grass-like leaf
Caladenia graniticola Pingaring Spider Orchid club tep 10oct granite + dweller. (Orig.col., Mrs K. White, 1984.)
Caladenia granitora Granite Spider Orchid club sep 10oct Granite Spider Orchidcoastal granite habitat
Caladenia harringtoniae Pink Spider Orchid c white 10oct Pink Spider OrchidAlison Harrington – 1981 President of WANOSCG
Caladenia heberleana Heberle’s Spider Orchid c white 09sep Heberle's Spider OrchidRonald Heberle, (1913-2004), orchid expert, photographer and self taught naturalist.
Caladenia hiemalis Dwarf Common Spider Orchid c wispy 07jul Dwarf Common Spider Orchidof winter – flowering
Caladenia hirta Sugar Candy Orchid c fairy 09sep hairy – plant. (Orig.col., James Drummond, 1931.)
Caladenia hirta ssp. rosea Pink Candy Orchid c fairy 08aug Pink Candy Orchidrosea: rose coloured flower
Caladenia hoffmanii Hoffman’s Spider Orchid club tep 08aug Hoffman's Spider OrchidNoel Hoffman, orchid photographer, enthusiast, and author.
Caladenia hopperiana
Quindanning Spider Orchid c white 10oct Boddington Spider OrchidProfessor Stephen Donald Hopper (1951–), discovered and named many WA orchid species.
Caladenia horistes Cream Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Cream Spider Orchiddetermines the boundaries – eastern limit of the wispy spiders
Caladenia huegelii Grand Spider Orchid club sep 09sep Grand Spider OrchidBaron Carl Alexander von Huegel, orig.col., (1794-1870), Austrian botanist. Visited the Swan River colony, WA. 1833.
Caladenia incensa Glistening Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug fragrant – yielding scent when burnt
Caladenia incrassata Puppet Orchid crested 08aug Caladenia incrassatathickened – lateral sepals
Caladenia infundibularis Funnel-web Spider Orchid club sep 10oct Funnel-web Spider Orchidfunnel shaped – labellum apex
Caladenia integra Smooth-lipped Spider Orchid c green 10oct Smooth-lipped Spider Orchidentire; wholesmooth labellum margin
Caladenia interjacens Walpole Spider Orchid c white 10oct coming between – mix between orchid complexes
Caladenia latifolia Pink Fairies c fairy 08aug Pink Fairybroad + leaf
Caladenia leucochila
Collie Spider Orchid club sep 09sep white + lipped – labellum wholly white
Caladenia lobata Butterfly Orchid c green 10oct Butterfly Orchidlobed – broad lobed labellum
Caladenia lodgeana Lodge’s Spider Orchid club sep 11nov Lodge' Spider OrchidHarry Lodge, WA orchid enthusiast. WANOSCG (Orig.col., Greg Bussel, orchid enthusiast.)
Caladenia longicauda
White Spider Orchid c white 09sep White Spider Orchidlong + tail – petals and sepals. (Orig.col., James Drummond, 1839.)
Caladenia longicauda ssp. albella Small-lipped Spider Orchid c white 09sep Small-lipped Spider Orchidalbella: dull white + small – flowers
Caladenia longicauda ssp. australora Southern White Spider Orchid c white 09sep Southern White Spider Orchidaustralora: of the south – distribution
Caladenia longicauda ssp. borealis Daddy-long-legs Spider Orchid c white 08aug Daddy-long-legs Spider Orchidborealis: of the north – distribution
Caladenia longicauda ssp. calcigena Coastal White Spider Orchid c white 09sep Coastal White Spider Orchidcalcigena: lime + born – limestone dweller
Caladenia longicauda ssp. clivicola Hill’s White Spider Orchid c white 09sep clivicola: hill slope + dweller – along the Darling Scarp
Caladenia longicauda ssp. crassa Esperance White Spider Orchid c white 09sep Esperance White Spider Orchidcrassa: thick – short tepals
Caladenia longicauda ssp. eminens Stark White Spider Orchid c white 09sep Stark White Spider Orchideminens: eminent – flowers
Caladenia longicauda ssp. extrema
Seaton Ross Spider Orchid c white 10oct extrema: last, extreme – late flowering period
Caladenia longicauda ssp. insularis
‘Duke of Orleans Bay’
Island Spider Orchid c white 09sep insularis: island – island habitat of the type population
Caladenia longicauda ssp. merrittii Merritt’s White Spider Orchid c white 09sep merretii: Wayne Merritt, orig.col., orchid enthusiast.
Caladenia longicauda ssp. minima
‘Chapman Valley’
Chapman Valley White Spider Orchid c white 08aug minima: small for a ‘white spider’ orchid. (Orig.col., Andrew Brown, 2000.)
Caladenia longicauda ssp. redacta Tangled Spider Orchid c white 09sep redacta: reduced – flower size
Caladenia longicauda ssp. rigidula Rigid White Spider Orchid c white 09sep rigidula: rigid + small – small flower with stiff petals and sepals
Caladenia longiclavata Clubbed Spider Orchid club tep 09sep Clubbed Spider Orchidlong + clubbed – clubs on tepals
Caladenia longifimbriata Green-comb Spider Orchid c green 08aug long + fringe – labellum. (Orig.col., Ron Heberle, 1978.)
Caladenia lorea Blushing Spider Orchid c white 09sep Blushing Spider Orchidstrap shaped – long clubs on petals and lat. sepals
Caladenia luteola Lemon Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Lemon Spider Orchidpale yellow – flower
Caladenia macrostylis Leaping Spider Orchid c other 09sep Leaping Spider Orchidlarge + style – broad column wings
Caladenia magniclavata Big Clubbed Spider Orchid club tep 09sep large + clubbed
Caladenia marginata White Fairy Orchid c fairy 10oct White Fairymargin + likeness – thickened petal and sepal margins
Caladenia melanema Ballerina Orchid c wispy 08aug Ballerina Orchidblack + threads – dark tepal ends
Currently known from one population near Pingrup WA, totaling 33 mature plants.
Caladenia meridionalis South Coast Spider Orchid c wispy 07jul southern – distribution
Caladenia mesocera Narrow-lipped Dragon Orchid c dragon 09sep Narrow-lipped Dragon Orchidmiddle + horn – position of labellum horns
Caladenia microchila Western Wispy Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug small + lip – labellum
Caladenia multiclavia Lazy Spider Orchid c other 09sep Lazy Spider Orchidmuch clubbed – club-shaped calli
Caladenia nana Little Pink Fan Orchid c fairy 09sep dwarf – small plant
Caladenia nana ssp. unita Pink Fan Orchid c fairy 10oct united – sepals
Caladenia nivalis Exotic Spider Orchid c white 09sep Exotic Spider Orchidsnowy white – flowers
Caladenia nobilis Noble Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Noble Spider Orchiddistinguished, excellent – large, attractive flowers
Caladenia occidentalis Ruby Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug Ruby Spider Orchidwestern – distribution
Caladenia pachychila Dwarf Zebra Orchid crested 08aug Dwarf Zebra Orchidthick + lip
Caladenia paludosa Swamp Spider Orchid club sep 10oct Swamp Spider Orchidswampy, marshy – habitat
Caladenia paradoxa Ironcaps Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug strange, unexpected – confusion about identity
Caladenia pectinata King Spider Orchid club sep 10oct King Spider Orchidtoothed like a comb – labellum
Caladenia pendens Pendant Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Pendant Spider Orchidpendulus – tepals
Caladenia pendens ssp. talbotii Talbot’s Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Talbot's Spider OrchidLen Talbot, orig.col., Forester.
Caladenia perangusta
Boyup Brook Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep very + narrow – the slender petals and sepals
Caladenia petrensis Rock Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug Rock Spider Orchidrock – rocky habitat
Caladenia pholcoidea Albany Spider Orchid c white 12dec bandy-legged – like a daddy long legs spider
Caladenia pholcoidea ssp. augustensis Augusta White Spider Orchid c white 11nov Augusta White Spider Orchidthe town of Augusta – location of original find. (Orig.col., Greg Bussell, 1992.)
Caladenia plicata Crab-lipped Spider Orchid club sep 10oct Crab-lipped Spider Orchidfolded – shape of labellum
Caladenia pluvialis
Yuna Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug relating to rain – flowers profusely after good winter rainfall.
Caladenia polychroma Joseph’s Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Joseph Spider Orchidpoly + chromus – many colours
Caladenia postea Dark-tipped Spider Orchid c wispy 10oct Dark-tipped Spider Orchidlater flowering. (Orig.col., Fred Hort.)
Caladenia procera Carbunup King Spider Orchid club sep 09sep Carbunup King Spider Orchidvery tall – plant
Caladenia pulchra Slender Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep Slender Spider Orchidbeauty, elegant – flower
Caladenia radialis Drooping Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug Drooping Spider Orchidradiating – labellum markings
Caladenia radiata Ray Spider Orchid club tep 11nov Ray Spider Orchidradiating – labellum fringes
Caladenia remota Outback Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug remote – location
Caladenia remota ssp. parva Perenjori Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug parva: small, short – lip and column
Caladenia reptans Little Pink Fairy c fairy 08aug Little Pink Fairy, Dwarf Pink Fairycreeping – spreading, clumping habit of the species
Caladenia reptans ssp. impensa Pale Pink Fairy c fairy 08aug impensa: large, great – bigger than reptans
Caladenia rhomboidiformis Diamond Spider Orchid club tep 09sep Diamond Spider Orchiddiamond + shape – labellum
Caladenia roei Clown Orchid crested 08aug Clown OrchidJohn Septimus Roe (1797-1878), Surveyor, Explorer and Botanical Collector.
Caladenia saxicola Banded Iron Stone Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug rock + dweller – habitat
Caladenia serotina Christmas Spider Orchid c white 11nov Christmas Spider Orchidoccuring late – flowering time
Caladenia sigmoidea Sigmoid Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug sigma – “S” shaped labellum. (Orig.col., L. Horbury, 1937.)
Caladenia speciosa Sandplain White Spider Orchid c white 09sep Sandplain White Spider Orchidshowy, splendid – flower
Caladenia splendens Splendid Spider Orchid c white 09sep brilliant, shining – large and bright flowers
Caladenia startiorum Start’s Spider Orchid c white 09sep Joff Start and Family, orchid enthusiasts.
Caladenia straminichila
Tenterden Yellow Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep straw-yellow + lipped – colouration of the labellum
Caladenia swartsiorum
‘Island Point’
Island Point Spider Orchid c white 10oct Island Point Spider OrchidEric Swarts (1954–) and son Nigel Swarts (1981–), orig.cols.
Caladenia thinicola Scott River Spider Orchid club sep 10oct Scott River Spider Orchiddune + dweller – sand dune habitat
Caladenia uliginosa Darting Spider Orchid c white 10oct Darting Spider Orchidswampy, marshy – habitat
Caladenia uliginosa ssp. candicans Northern Darting Spider Orchid c white 10oct Northern Darting Spider Orchidcandicans: glowing; shining – labellum colour
Caladenia uliginosa ssp. patulens Frail Spider Orchid c white 09sep Frail Spider Orchidpatulens: spreading – tepals
Caladenia ultima Late Spider Orchid c wispy 11nov Caladenia ultimaultimate, last – flowering period
Caladenia validinervia
‘Muir highway’
Lake Muir Spider Orchid c wispy 09sep strong, robust + nerved – the often prominent dull red stripes on the petals and sepals.
Caladenia viridescens Dunsborough Spider Orchid club sep 09sep becoming green – flower colour
Caladenia voigtii Mohawk Spider Orchid crested 09sep Mohawk Spider OrchidDon Voight, orig.col., Esperance orchid enthusiast.
Caladenia vulgata Common Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug Common Spider Orchidcommon – abundant and widespread
Caladenia wanosa Kalbarri Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug acronym – Western Australian Native Orchid Study And Conservation Group
Caladenia williamsiae William’s Spider Orchid club tep 08aug William's Spider OrchidJudy Williams, orig.col., found on a single reserve near Brookton – 450 plants on 2 ha.
Caladenia winfieldii Majestic Spider Orchid c white 11nov Majestic Spider OrchidHarry Winfield, orig.col., Forester. Discovered in 1987 near Walpole. Less than 100 known.
Caladenia xantha Primrose Spider Orchid c wispy 08aug Primrose Spider Orchidyellow – flower
Calochilus pruinosus Mallee Beard Orchid z 09sep Mallee Beard Orchidfrosted – plant and flower covered with white powdery bloom
Calochilus stramenicola Wandoo Beard Orchid z 09sep Wandoo Beard Orchidlitter dweller – leaf litter habitat
Calochilus uliginosus Swamp Beard Orchid z 10oct swampy, marshy – habitat
Corunastylis fuscoviridis Pygmy Orchid z 04apr Pygmy Orchidbrown + green – flower colour
Corybas abditus Small Helmet Orchid z 10oct Small Helmet Orchidhidden, concealed – refers to both its scarcity and the dense habitat
Corybas despectans Sandhill Helmet Orchid z 07jul overlooked – small flowers overlooked for nine years. (Orig.col., Laurie Byrne, 1971.)
Corybas limpidus Crystal Helmet Orchid z 07jul Crystal Helmet Orchidclear, transparent – flower parts
Corybas recurvus Helmet Orchid z 07jul Helmet Orchidrecurved – flower bends backwards to expose the labellum
Cryptostylis ovata Slipper Orchid z 12dec Slipper Orchidoval – leaf shape
Cyanicula amplexans Dainty Blue Orchid z 08aug Dainty Blue Orchidencircling, clasping – labellum embraces the column.
Cyanicula aperta Western Tiny Blue Orchid z 08aug Western Tiny Blue Orchidopen – gap between labellum lobes
Cyanicula ashbyae Powder-blue China Orchid z 10oct Alison Marjorie Ashby, orig.col., (1901-1987), botanical painter.
Cyanicula fragrans Fragrant China Orchid z 09sep pleasant vanilla odour
Cyanicula gemmata Blue China Orchid z 09sep Blue China Orchidgem-like – the calli
Cyanicula gertrudiae Pale China Orchid z 10oct Gertrude Ostenfeld, daughter of orig.col., Carl Ostenfeld.
Cyanicula ixioides Yellow China Orchid z 09sep Yellow China OrchidIxia + like – flowers like the genus Ixia
Cyanicula ixioides ssp. candida White China Orchid z 09sep candidus: pure white – flower
Cyanicula nikulinskyae Esperance China Orchid z 09sep Philipa Nikulinsky (1942-), botanical illustrator and artist.
Cyanicula sericea Silky Blue Orchid z 08aug Silky Blue Orchid silky – the leaf
Cyrtostylis huegelii Midge Orchid z 07jul Midge OrchidBaron Carl Alexander von Huegel, orig.col., (1794-1870), naturalist.
Visited the Swan River Colony (Perth) in 1833.
Cyrtostylis robusta Mosquito Orchid z 07jul Mosquito Orchidrobust, strong – size of labellum
Cyrtostylis tennuissima Gnat Orchid z 10oct Gnat Orchid, Dwarf Mosquito Orchiddelicate, small – flower
Diuris amplissima Giant Donkey Orchid donkey 10oct Giant Donkey Orchidgreat, large – flower
Diuris brachyscapa
‘western wheatbelt’
…… Donkey Orchid donkey 08aug short + scape – short flower stalk
Diuris brevis
‘Perth swamps’
Short-nosed Donkey Orchid donkey 08aug short – labellum mid lobe
Diuris brumalis Winter Donkey Orchid donkey 07jul Winter Donkey Orchidshortest day – winter flowering
Diuris carecta
‘Murchison River’
Sedge-loving Donkey Orchid donkey 09sep a sedgy place – sedge habitat
Diuris carinata Tall Bee Orchid d bee 10oct Tall Bee Orchidkeel-shaped – labellum. (Orig.col., James Drummond, 1839.)
Diuris concinna Elegant Donkey Orchid d bee 10oct pleasant, neat – flower
Diuris conspicillata Spectacled Donkey Orchid donkey 08aug Spectacled Donkey Orchidspectacled – appearance of labellum wearing glasses
Diuris corymbosa Common Donkey Orchid donkey 09sep Common Donkey Orchidcluster – flower arrangement.
Diuris cruenta
Kemerton Donkey Orchid donkey 09sep bloody, gory colours – reddish brown markings on the pale yellow flowers
Diuris decrementa Common Bee Orchid d bee 09sep diminishing, lessening
Diuris drummondii Tall Donkey Orchid d bee 12dec Tall Donkey OrchidJames Drummond, orig.col., (1784-1863), naturalist and avid collector. Over 100 plant species have been named in his honour.
Diuris eburnea Arrowsmith Bee Orchid d bee 10oct ivory white – flower
Diuris emarginata Late Donkey Orchid d bee 12dec of edge, margin – notched labellum ridge. (Orig.col., Robert Brown, 1801.)
Diuris filifolia Cat’s Face Orchid d bee 09sep thread-like leaves
Diuris hazeliae
‘eastern wheatbelt’
Yellow Granite Donkey Orchid donkey 08aug

Hazel King, plant collector, conservationist and orchid enthusiast.

Diuris heberlei Heberle’s Donkey Orchid d bee 12dec Ron Heberle, (1913-2004), orchid expert, photographer and self taught naturalist.
Diuris immaculata Little Esperance Bee Orchid d bee 09sep not + spotted – pure yellow flower
Diuris insignis Dark Bee Orchid d bee 10oct remarkable, notable – flower
Diuris jonesii
Dunsborough Donkey Orchid donkey 09sep

David Jones, botanist and Australia’s orchid guru.

Diuris laevis Nanny Goat Orchid d nanny 10oct Nanny Goat Orchidsmooth – leaves
Diuris laxiflora Bee Orchid d bee 09sep Bee Orchidloose flowered
Diuris littoralis
‘Green Range’
Green Range Donkey Orchid donkey 08aug

of the sea shore – coastal distribution

Diuris longifolia Purple Pansy Orchid donkey 10oct Purple Pansy Orchidlong leafed
Diuris magnifica Pansy Orchid donkey 09sep Pansy Orchidsplendid, noble – flowers
Diuris micrantha Dwarf Bee Orchid d bee 09sep Dwarf Bee Orchidsmall + flower
Diuris oraria
‘Zuytdorp Cliffs’
Northern Coastal Donkey Orchid donkey 08aug of the coast – distribution
Diuris ostrina
‘Darling Scarp’
Darling Scarp Donkey Orchid donkey 10oct

purple – predominantly purple labellum

Diuris pallescens
‘mid north’
Pale Donkey Orchid donkey 09sep pale, pallid – flowers
Diuris pauciflora Swamp Bee Orchid d bee 11nov Swamp Donkey Orchidfew-flowered
Diuris perialla Early Donkey Orchid donkey 07jul Diuris periallaperiallos (before all others) – early flowering period
Diuris picta Granite Bee Orchid d bee 10oct Granite Donkey Orchidpainted – floral colouration. (Orig.col., James Drummond, 1853.)
Diuris porphyrochila
Yalgorup Donkey Orchid donkey 09sep reddish-purple + lip – labellum mid-lobe colour
Diuris porrifolia Small-flowered Donkey Orchid donkey 08aug Western Wheatbelt Donkey OrchidLeek-like + leaf – shape
Diuris pulchella Beautiful Donkey Orchid donkey 08aug beautiful, handsome – flower colour
Diuris purdiei Purdie’s Donkey Orchid d nanny 10oct Alexander Purdie, orig.col., (1859-1905). Enthusiastic collector of WA flora.
Diuris recurva Mini Donkey Orchid donkey 08aug Mini Donkey Orchidrecurved lateral sepals
Diuris refracta Dainty Donkey Orchid donkey 08aug broken
Diuris segregata Northampton Bee Orchid d bee 08aug seperate, set apart – from D. septenrionalis
Diuris septentrionalis Northern Bee Orchid d bee 08aug north, northern – distribution
Diuris setacea Bristly Donkey Orchid d bee 11nov Bristly Donkey Orchidbristle + like – leaves. (Orig.col., Robert Brown, 1801)
Diuris suffusa
Mottled Donkey Orchid donkey 09sep suffused, tinged – pale flowers tinged with darker colours
Diuris tinctoria
Sandplain Donkey Orchid donkey 09sep tinged, dyed – colour patterns in the flower
Diuris tinkeri
Arrowsmith Pansy Orchid donkey 08aug

Allan Tinker. Legend from the Western Flora Caravan Park.

Drakaea andrewsiae Lost Hammer Orchid z 09sep Mrs Andrews, orig.col., 1930.
Drakaea concolor Kneeling Hammer Orchid z 08aug uniform in colour – labellum
Drakaea confluens Late Hammer Orchid z 10oct Late Hammer Orchidflowing together – labellum has features of both D. livida and D. elastica
Drakaea elastica Glossy-leafed Hammer Orchid z 10oct Glossy-leafed Hammer Orchid
springy, elastic – hinged labellum
Drakaea glyptodon King-in-his-Carriage z 09sep King-in-his-carriageglyptodon (armadillo-like extinct animal) – labellum shape
Drakaea gracilis Slender Hammer Orchid z 09sep Slender Hammer Orchidslender – labellum
Drakaea isolata Lonely Hammer Orchid z 09sep Lonely Hammer Orchidisolated – from other Drakaea species. (Orig.col., Bob Bates, orchidologist.)
Drakaea livida Warty Hammer Orchid z 09sep Warty Hammer Orchidbruised, discloloured, mottled – flower colour
Drakaea micrantha Dwarf Hammer Orchid z 09sep Dwarf Hammer Orchidsmall + flower. (Orig.col., Theodore Goadby, 1930.)
Drakaea thynniphila Narrow-lipped Hammer Orchid z 09sep Narrow-lipped Hammer Orchidthynnid wasps + loving – pollinators
Elythranthera brunonis Purple Enamel Orchid z 09sep Purple Enamel OrchidRobert Brown (1773-1858), naturalist. (Orig.col., Baron Von Huegel, 1833.)
Elythranthera emarginat Pink Enamel Orchid z 10oct Pink Enamel Orchidbordered – labellum lobes
Epiblema grandiflorum Babe-in-a-Cradle z 12dec Babe-in-a-Cradlelarge + flower
Ericksonella saccharata Sugar Orchid z 08aug Sugar Orchidsugary, dusted with sugar – flower appearance
Eriochilus dilatatus White Bunny Orchid z 04apr White Bunny Orchidwidened – broad labellum and lateral sepals
Eriochilus dilatatus ssp. brevifolius Blunt-leaved Bunny Orchid z 05may Blunt-leaved Bunny Orchidbrevifolius: short + leaf.
Eriochilus dilatatus ssp. magnus Easter Bunny Orchid z 04apr magnus: large, big – large leaf and tall scape
Eriochilus dilatatus ssp. multiflorus Common Bunny Orchid z 04apr Common Bunny Orchidem>multiflorus: many flowers
Eriochilus dilatatus ssp. orientalis Eastern Bunny Orchid z 04apr orientalis: of the east – range of the species
Eriochilus dilatatus ssp. undulatus Crinkle-leafed Bunny Orchid z 04apr Crinkle-leafed Bunny Orchidundulatus: undulating, wavy – leaf
Eriochilus helonomos Swamp Bunny Orchid z 04apr swampy, marshy – habitat
Eriochilus pulchellus Granite Bunny Orchid z 04apr beautiful + small – flower and stature
Eriochilus scaber Pink Bunny Orchid z 07jul rough – labellum surface
Eriochilus scaber ssp. orbifolius Round-leaved Pink Bunny Orchid z 07jul orbifolius: circular + leaf
Eriochilus tenuis Slender Bunny Orchid z 10oct thin, narrow – slender plant form
Eriochilus valens Red-lipped Bunny Orchid z 04apr robust, strong – colourful labellum
Gastrodia lacista Potato Orchid z 12dec Bell Orchidtattered, torn – labellum margins
Leporella fimbriata Hare Orchid z 04apr Hare Orchidfringed – labellum
Leptoceras menziesii Rabbit Orchid z 09sep Rabbit OrchidDr. Archibald Menzies, orig.col.,
(1754-1842), botanist and early WA plant collector.
Lyperanthus serratus Rattle Beak z 10oct Rattle Beakssaw-toothed – labellum calli
Microtis alba White Mignonette Orchid z 12dec White Mignonette Orchidwhite – flowers
Microtis alboviridis Scented Mignonette Orchid z 11nov Scented Mignonette Orchidwhite + green – flower
Microtis atrata Swamp Mignonette Orchid z 09sep Swamp Mignonette Orchiddark, black – pressed specimens drying black
Microtis brownii Sweet Mignonette Orchid z 12dec Robert Brown, orig.col., (1773-1858), naturalist.
Microtis cupularis Cupped Mignonette Orchid z 10oct cup – labellum shape
Microtis eremaea Slender Mignonette Orchid z 09sep desert – inland habitat
Microtis eremicola Desert Mignonette Orchid z 09sep desert + dweller – habitat
Microtis familiaris Coastal Mignonette Orchid z 12dec familiar, friendly – grows with other Microtis species
Microtis globula Globular Mignonette Orchid z 12dec globe, ball – shape of the flower. (Orig.col., Bob Bates, S.Aust. 1982.)
Microtis graniticola Granite Mignonette Orchid z 09sep granite + dweller – habitat
Microtis media Common Mignonette Orchid z 10oct Common Mignonette Orchid average, middle – intermediate floral structure
Microtis media ssp. densiflora Dense Mignonette Orchid z 10oct densiflora: dense + flowers – flower spike
Microtis orbicularis Dark Mignonette Orchid z 09sep circular – labellum shape
Microtis pulchella Beautiful Mignonette Orchid z 12dec Beautiful Mignonette Orchidpretty – flower
Microtis quadrata South Coast Mignonette Orchid z 12dec squared – labellum shape
Paracaleana alcockii Alcock’s Duck Orchid z 09sep Prof. John Alcock (USA) – behavioral ecologist and author, who recognised the species as distinct.
Paracaleana brockmanii Brockman’s Duck Orchid z 11nov Brockman's Duck OrchidGary Brockman, orig.col., orchid enthusiast and author.
Paracaleana disjuncta Little Duck Orchid z 10oct distinct, separate – widely separated locations of species
Paracaleana dixonii Sandplain Duck Orchid z 11nov Dr. Kingsley Dixon, Director of Science at Kings Park & Botanic Garden and author.
Paracaleana gracilicordata Slender-leafed Duck Orchid z 11nov Slender-leafed Duck Orchid slender + heart-shaped – leaves. (orig.cols., C.French & G. Brockman)
Paracaleana granitica Granite Duck Orchid z 11nov found in ‘granite country’.
Paracaleana hortiorum Hort’s Duck Orchid z 09sep Hort's Duck OrchidFred and Jean Hort, orig.cols., citizen scientists, volunteers and enthusiasts.
Paracaleana lyonsii Midget Duck Orchid z 10oct Midget Duck OrchidMichael Lyons, orig.col., 1994, research scientist.
Paracaleana nigrita Flying Duck Orchid z 09sep Flying Duck Orchidblackish – dark colouring of the first specimens found in burnt areas
Paracaleana parvula Esperance Duck Orchid z 10oct very small – flowers
Paracaleana terminalis Smooth-billed Duck Orchid z 08aug terminal – calli confined to tip of labellum
Paracaleana triens Broad-billed Duck Orchid z 09sep Broad-billed Duck Orchidone third – calli confined to apical third of labellum
Pheladenia deformis Blue Fairy Orchid * z 08aug Blue Beardout of shape – labellum
Praecoxanthus aphyllus Leafless Orchid z 04apr Leafless Orchidwithout + leaf – It does have a leaf, but not when flowering.
Prasophyllum brownii Christmas Leek Orchid z 12dec Christmas Leek OrchidRobert Brown, orig.col., (1773-1858), botanist and naturalist.
Prasophyllum calcicola Limestone Leek Orchid z 09sep Limestone Leek Orchidlimestone + dweller – sand and limey soil habitat
Prasophyllum cucullatum Hooded Leek Orchid z 09sep Hooded Leek Orchidhood-shaped – formation of lateral sepals
Prasophyllum cuneatum
‘Swan Region’
Darling Scarp Leek Orchid z 10oct wedge-shaped – labellum lamina and callus
Prasophyllum cyphochilum Pouched Leek Orchid z 09sep Pouched Leek Orchidhump + lip – labellum base
Prasophyllum drummondii Swamp Leek Orchid z 10oct Swamp Leek OrchidJames Drummond, orig.col., (1784-1863), Botanist, naturalist and avid collector.
Curator of the Perth Bot. Gardens (1831) and authority on the flora of WA.
Prasophyllum elatum Tall Leek Orchid z 09sep Tall Leek Orchidtall – flower spikes
Prasophyllum fimbria Fringed Leek Orchid z 07jul Fringed Leek Orchidfringed – frilly labellum
Prasophyllum gibbosum Humped Leek Orchid z 10oct Humped Leek Orchidhumped, swollen – hump at base of lateral sepal
Prasophyllum giganteum Bronze Leek Orchid z 09sep Giant Leek Orchidgigantic – tall flower spikes
Prasophyllum gracile Little Laughing Leek Orchid z 08aug Little Laughing Leek Orchidslender – tips of sepals
Prasophyllum hians Yawning Leek Orchid z 09sep Yawning Leek Orchidgaping – open appearance of flowers
Prasophyllum macrostachyum Laughing Leek Orchid z 10oct Laughing Leek Orchidlarge (flower) spike
Prasophyllum macrotys Inland Leek Orchid z 09sep Inland Leek Orchidlarge bunch – often crowded inflorescence
Prasophyllum odoratissimum Fragrant Leek Orchid z 10oct Fragrant Leek Orchidvery fragrant – flowers
Prasophyllum ovale Little Leek Orchid z 09sep Little Leek Orchidegg-shaped – labellum
Prasophyllum parvifolium Autumn Leek Orchid z 07jul Autumn Leek Orchidsmall leaf
Prasophyllum paulineae Pauline’s Laughing Leek Orchid z 10oct Pauline Heberle, orchid enthusiast.
Prasophyllum plumiforme Dainty Leek Orchid z 09sep feathery + shape – labellum
Prasophyllum regium King Leek Orchid z 10oct King Leek Orchidroyal – tall inflorescences
Prasophyllum sargentii Frilled Leek Orchid z 09sep Frilled Leek OrchidOswald Hewlett Sargent (1880-1952), Orchidologist.
Prasophyllum triangulare Dark Leek Orchid z 09sep triangular-shaped lip. (Orig.col., Robert Fitzgerald, 1881.)
Pterostylis allantoidea Shy Greenhood p sep up 08aug Shy Greehoodsausage-like – labellum shape
Pterostylis angusta Narrow Hooded Shell Orchid p sep up 06jun Narrow Hooded Shell Orchidnarrowed – hood on flower
Pterostylis aspera Brown-veined Shell Orchid p sep up 06jun Brown-veined Shell Orchidrough, stiff-haired – labellum
Pterostylis barbata Bird Orchid p sep down 08aug Bird Orchidbearded – hairy labellum
Pterostylis brevichila Dwarf Shell Orchid p sep up 08aug short + lip – labellum
Pterostylis brunneola
Giant Snail Orchid p sep up 09sep

brownish – flowers

Pterostylis ciliata Hairy Rufous Greenhood p sep down 10oct Hairy Rufous Greenhoodbearing cilia, hairs – flower
Pterostylis concava Cupped Banded Greenhood p sep down 07jul concave – cupped lateral sepals
Pterostylis dilatata Robust Snail Orchid p sep up 06jun Robust Snail Orchidenlarged, widened – bloated flowers
Pterostylis echinulata
‘hairy leaf’
Hairy-leafed Snail Orchid p sep up 07jul very small prickles – short hairs on the leaves, scape and ovary
Pterostylis elegantissima
Elegant Rufous Greenhood p sep down 10oct most elegant – flowers
Pterostylis erubescens
‘red flowered’
Red-sepalled Snail Orchid p sep up 08aug reddish, becoming red – the aging flower
Pterostylis exserta
‘exserted labellum’
Exserted Rufous Greenhood p sep down 10oct

protruding – extended labellum

Pterostylis frenchii Tuart Rufous Greenhood p sep down 11nov Chris French, orig.col. WA orchid expert and author.
Pterostylis glebosa
‘clubbed snail orchid’
Clubbed Snail Orchid p sep up 09sep

lumpy – points of the lateral sepals

Pterostylis hadra
Invisible Rufus Greenhood p sep down 10oct sturdy, strong – robust habit
Pterostylis hamiltonii Red-veined Shell Orchid p sep up 06jun Red-veined Shell OrchidAlexander Greenlaw Hamilton (1852-1941), naturalist and orchid collector.
Pterostylis insectifera Insect-lipped Rufous Greenhood p sep down 10oct Insect-lipped Rufous Greenhoodinsect bearing – labellum shape
Pterostylis jacksonii
Southwest Granite Snail Orchid p sep up 09sep Bill Jackson, orhchid enthusiast and collector.
Pterostylis karri
‘karri forest’
Karri Snail Orchid p sep up 08aug

the Karri forest habitat

Pterostylis leptochila Ravensthorpe Rufous Greenhood p sep down 10oct Ravensthorpe Rufous Greenhoodnarrow + lip – labellum
Pterostylis lortensis
‘south coast clubbed sepals’
Lort River Snail Orchid p sep up 09sep

type locality Lort River

Pterostylis macrocalymma Large-hooded Rufous Greenhood p sep down 09sep Large-hooded Rufous Greenhoodlarge + hood – formed by dorsal sepal and petals
Pterostylis macrosceles
‘slender rufa’
Slender Rufous Greenhood p sep down 09sep large + leg – the long sepals
Pterostylis microglossa Kalbarri Shell Orchid p sep up 06jun Kalbarri Shell Orchidsmall + tongue – short labellum
Pterostylis microphylla
‘small rosette’
Small Rosette Snail Orchid p sep up 09sep small + leaf
Pterostylis mutica Midget Greenhood p sep down 08aug without a point, blunt – petals and sepals
Pterostylis parva
‘small stature’
Fawn Snail Orchid p sep up 08aug small, little – stature, flowers and leaves
Pterostylis perculta
Ruddy Hood p sep down 10oct

highly adorned – colourful, prominantly marked flowers

Pterostylis picta Painted Rufous Greenhood p sep down 10oct Painted Rufous Greenhoodpainted – flower markings
Pterostylis platypetala
‘broad petals’
Broad-petalled Snail Orchid p sep up 07jul

broad + petal

Pterostylis pyramidalis Tall Snail Orchid p sep up 09sep Tall Snail Orchidpyramid-shaped – leaves, large at base, smaller near the top
Pterostylis recurva Jug Orchid p recurve 08aug Jug Orchidrecurved – sepal
Pterostylis roensis Rufous Greenhood p sep down 10oct Rufous GreenhoodRoe Botanical District – where species are widespread
Pterostylis rogersii Curled-tongue Shell Orchid p sep up 07jul Curled-tongue Shell OrchidRichard Sanders Rogers (1862-1942), orchidologist and author. (Orig.col., H.M.R.Rupp, 1929.)
Pterostylis sanguinea Dark Banded Greenhood p sep down 07jul Dark Banded Greenhoodblood coloured – often reddish flowers
Pterostylis sargentii Frog Greenhood p sep down 08aug Frog GreenhoodOswald Hewlett Sargent (1880-1952), orchidologist. (Orig.col., his friend, Cecil Andrews, 1904.)
Pterostylis scabra Green-veined Shell Orchid p sep up 07jul Green-veined Shell Orchidrough – labellum surface
Pterostylis scitula
‘elegant snail orchid’
Elegant Snail Orchid p sep up 08aug

pretty, neat – flower

Pterostylis sinuata Northhampton Midget Greenhood p sep down 08aug Northhampton Midget Greenhoodstrongly waved – leaves. (Orig.col., Stan Fink, Vic., 1978.)
Pterostylis spathulata Spoon-lipped Rufous Greenhood p sep down 09sep Spoon-lipped Rufous Greenhoodspoon shaped – labellum
Pterostylis telmata
‘Cape Arid’
Eastern Swamp Snail Orchid p sep up 09sep swampy, marshy – habitat
Pterostylis timothyi Brittle Snail Orchid p sep up 08aug Timothy David Jones – David Jones son. Canberra
Pterostylis trypherus
‘dainty brown’
Dainty Brown Rufous Greenhood p sep down 10oct dainty – flowers
Pterostylis turfosa Bearded Bird Orchid p sep down 10oct Bearded Bird Orchidswampy, marshy – habitat
Pterostylis virens
‘green flowers’
Green Spoon-lipped Rufous Greenhood p sep down 09sep green – flower colour
Pterostylis vittata Banded Greenhood p sep down 06jun Banded Greenhoodstriped longitudinally – pattern on the flower
Pterostylis voigtii
Eastern Granite Snail Orchid p sep up 08aug Don Voight, orig.col., Esperance orchid enthusiast.
Pterostylis zebrina
Striped Rufous Greenhood p sep down 09sep

zebra-striped – flowers

Pyrorchis forrestii Pink Fire Orchid * z 11nov Pink Fire OrchidSir John Forrest (1847-1918), orig.col., explorer, 1st Premier of WA. 1890.
Pyrorchis nigricans Red Fire Orchid * z 08aug Fire Orchidblackens after maturity
Rhizanthella gardneri Underground Orchid z 05may Underground OrchidCharles Austin Gardner (1896-1970), Government Botanist WA.
(Orig.col., Farmer John Trott of Corrigin 1928.)
Spiculaea ciliata Elbow Orchid z 11nov Elbow Orchidfringed with fine hairs – the labellum
Thelymitra antennifera Lemon Scented Sun Orchid t yellow 08aug Lemon Scented Sun Orchidantennae + bearing – column lobes
Thelymitra apiculata Cleopatra’s Needles t sheba 06jun Cleopatra's Needlessmall points – on the column lobes. (Orig.cols., Mogumber Primary School students, 1965.)
Thelymitra benthamiana Leopard Orchid t star 10oct Leopard OrchidGeorge Bentham (1800-1884), English botanist and author. (Orig.col., James Drummond, 1840’s.)
Thelymitra campanulata Shirt Orchid t blue 09sep Shirt Orchidbell shaped – cupped flowers
Thelymitra canaliculata Blue Sun Orchid t blue 11nov Blue Sun Orchidchanneled, grooved – markings on petals and sepals
Thelymitra cornicina Lilac Sun Orchid t blue 09sep Lilac Sun Orchidhorn shaped – column
Thelymitra crinita Blue Lady Orchid t blue 10oct Blue Ladyhairy – tufted crest on column mid lobe
Thelymitra cucullata Swamp Sun Orchid t swamp 10oct Swamp Sun Orchidhooded – formed by dorsal sepal
Thelymitra dedmaniarum Cinnamon Sun Orchid t star 11nov Cinnamon Sun OrchidCarlotta Maud Dedman & daughter Winifred Hilda Dedman, type collectors of the species.
(Orig.col., B.T.Goadby, 1934.)
Thelymitra flexuosa Twisted Sun Orchid t yellow 09sep Twisted Sun Orchidundulating, curvy – flower stem
Thelymitra frenchii Scarp Sun Orchid t blue 10oct Chris French, WA orchid expert, author. Recognised the species as distinct.
Thelymitra fuscolutea Chestnut Sun Orchid t star 12dec Chestnut Sun Orchidbrown and yellow-flowered. (Orig.col., Ferdinand Bauer, 1802.)
Thelymitra graminea Shy Sun Orchid t blue 10oct Shy Sun Orchidgrass-like – leaves
Thelymitra granitora Coastal Sun Orchid t blue 09sep on granite – habitat
Thelymitra jacksonii Jackson’s Sun Orchid t star 12dec Jackson's Sun OrchidBill Jackson, orig.col., 1988, orchid enthusiast, amatuer naturalist.
Thelymitra latiloba Wandoo Shirt Orchid t blue 09sep broad lobed – column lobes
Thelymitra macrophylla Scented Sun Orchid t blue 09sep Scented Sun Orchidlarge + leaf. (Orig.col., James Drummond, 1839.)
Thelymitra maculata Eastern Curly Locks t curly 08aug Eastern Curly Locksspotted – blotched flowers
Thelymitra magnifica Crystal Brook Star Orchid t star 10oct Crystal Brook Star Orchidnoble, eminent – large, colourful flowers
Thelymitra mucida Plum Orchid t blue 10oct Plum Orchidmouldy – bloom on column
Thelymitra occidentalis Azure Sun Orchid t blue 10oct Western Azure Sun Orchidof the west – Western Australian distribution
Thelymitra paludosa Plain Sun Orchid t blue 11nov swampy, marshy – habitat
Thelymitra petrophil Granite Sun Orchid t blue 09sep Granite Sun Orchidrock + loving – granite habitat
Thelymitra psammophila Sandplain Sun Orchid t yellow 09sep sand loving – sandplain habitat
Thelymitra pulcherrima Northern Queen of Sheba t sheba 08aug Northern Queen of Shebabeautiful – flower colour
Thelymitra sargentii Freckled Sun Orchid t yellow 10oct Freckled Sun OrchidOswald Hewlett Sargent (1880-1952), orchid enthusiast.
Thelymitra speciosa Eastern Queen of Sheba t sheba 08aug Eastern Queen of Shebashowy, spectacular – flower colouring
Thelymitra spiralis Curly Locks t curly 08aug spiral – leaf
Thelymitra stellata Star Orchid t star 10oct Star Orchidstar – flower shape. (Orig.col., James Drummond, 1839.)
Thelymitra tigrina Tiger Orchid t yellow 12dec Tiger Orchidlike a tigrina – a small spotted cat
Thelymitra uliginosa Southern Curly Locks t curly 08aug Southern Curly Locksswampy, marshy – habitat
Thelymitra variegata Queen of Sheba t sheba 08aug Queen of Sheba

variegated – flower colouration

Thelymitra villosa Custard Orchid t yellow 10oct Custard Orchid

hairy – leaves

Thelymitra vulgaris Slender Sun Orchid t blue 09sep Slender Sun Orchid


Thelymitra xanthotricha Yellow Tufted Sun Orchid t blue 09sep yellow + hairs – column lobes
Thelymitra yorkensis York Sun Orchid t star 11nov York Sun Orchid

Town of York – where type collection was made. (Orig.col., Les Robson, 1991.)


Named Hybrids

(Not included: 30 distinct unnamed hybrids)

Genus species Common Name sub
parentage The Vocabulary of Orchids – Hybrids
Caladenia x aestantha Summer Spider Orchid club sep
12dec C. corenephora
C. serotina
summer + flower – flowering period
Caladenia x cala Wheatbelt Spider Orchid green
09sep C. falcata
C. longicauda
beautiful – flower
Caladenia x coactescens Northern Sandplain Spider Orchid club sep
08aug C. crebra
C. longicauda
felted – small labellum calli
Caladenia x eludens Elusive Spider Orchid wispy
09sep C. chapmanii
C. splendens
avoid, evade – extreme rarity
Caladenia x enigma Enigmatic Spider Orchid dragon
09sep C. barbarossa
C. longicauda
puzzle – confusion whether a hybrid
Caladenia x ericksoniae Prisoner Orchid wispy
08aug C. filifera
C. pachychila
Rica Erickson (1908-2009), author, botanical artist, naturalist.
Caladenia x erminea Dusky Fairy fairy
09sep C. flava
C. marginata
cream, yellow tinge – flower
Caladenia x exoleta Dark-tipped Spider Orchid crested
08aug C. roei
C. dimidia
robust, mature – labellum calli
Caladenia x exserta Protruding Spider Orchid white
09sep C. longicauda
C. uliginosa
protruding – labellum
Caladenia x hypata Southern Forest Spider Orchid green
09sep C. lobata
C. longicauda
highest – large, beautiful flowers
Caladenia x idiastes Cerise Spider Orchid white
09sep C. gardneri
C. latifolia
distinct – flower structure
Caladenia x lavandulacea Lavender Spider Orchid club tep 09sep unknown
lavender – flower colour
Caladenia x ornata Ornate Spider Orchid wispy
09sep C. exilis
C. drakeoides
ornate – labellum lobes and colour
Caladenia x resupina Bent Spider Orchid other
10oct C. multiclavia
C. polychroma
bent back – dorsal sepal and column
Caladenia x spectabilis Spectacular Spider Orchid fairy
08aug C. flava
C. latifolia
spectacular – flower
Caladenia x suffusa Tinged Spider Orchid fairy
08aug C. hirta
C. longicauda
tinged – white flower tinged with pink
Caladenia x triangularis Shy Spider Orchid fairy
08aug C. flava
C. longicauda
triangular – labellum shape
Caladenia x tryphera Delicate Spider Orchid wispy
08aug C. microchila
C. sigmoidea
dainty – delicate flower
Elythranthera x intermedia Intermediate Enamel Orchid 10oct E. marginata
E. brunonis
intermediate – between parent species




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Pronunciation and Etymology

The Vocabulary of Orchids An Amatuer Perspective by Allen B Martin.

4 downloadable PDF’s – 25,000 entries.

I have tried to translate as literally as possible and give you as accurately as I can, the meaning and/or etymological explanation of the individual words concerned and with most, I try to give an example of its use, creating a useful reference.

Welcome to Botanary, the Botanical Dictionary – Dave’s Garden

A reference containing an alphabetical list of 21,261 botanical words, with information given for each word, usually including the etymology (i.e., history and/or origin) and pronunciation.

Guide to the Pronunciation of Specific, Generic and Family Names

Southern California Wildflowers. About 2500 species, one list.

Botanical Latin Pronunciation Guide

American. About 2400 species, one list.