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Bird Orchids


Pterostylis barbata – Bird Orchid

The Bird Orchid is the most common and is distinctive for its translucent flower with dark green reticulate (netted) markings and a sparsely-fringed labellum.

Bird Orchid Bird Orchid Bird Orchid Bird Orchid Bird Orchid leaf


Pterostylis turfosa – Bearded Bird Orchid

Distinguished by its densely-hairy labellum.

Bearded Bird Orchid


Pterostylis sp. – Esperance Bearded Bird Orchid

Distinguished by its lighter green colouration and the longer points to its sepals.

Pterostylis sp


Pterostylis sp. – Dwarf Bearded Bird Orchid

Dwarf Bird Orchid Dwarf Bird Orchid

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  1. Ping from Alison Melvin:

    Pterostylis sp. – Dwarf Bearded Bird Orchid
    Found this morning, 18km west of Collie.6225
    Not seen them before in last 20 years, bit excited 🙂

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