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Thelymitra – Sun Orchids

These relatively simple flowers differ from other orchids in lacking a labellum, all petals being similar in size and shape. The column, however, is highly modified and is often adorned with prominent wings or glands which are designed to attract pollinating insects. Each column is distinctive in appearance, and can be used to identify the species. The name ‘Thelymitra’ refers to the hooded column.

Crystal Brook Star Orchid

Star Orchids

Yellow Orchid

Yellow Sun Orchids

Eastern Curly Locks

Curly Locks

Queen of Sheba

Shy Sun Orchid

Blue Sun Orchids

Swamp Sun Orchid

Swamp Sun Orchid


  1. Comment by Chris Campbell:

    I have been photographing orchids around Badgingarra and think I have found Thelymitra rubra. [I found a photo in Wikipedia]. Could you identify it if I could send you a photo?

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