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Cowslip and Fairy Orchids

Caladenia’s with short spreading petals and sepals.


Caladenia flava – Cowslip Orchid

Cowslips Cowslips Cowslip Cowslips Cowslip Cowslips Cowslip Cowslips Cowslips


Caladenia flava ssp. maculata – Kalbarri Cowslip Orchid

Kalbarri Cowslip Orchid


Caladenia flava ssp. sylvestris – Karri Cowslip Orchid

Karri Cowslip Orchid


Caladenia latifolia – Pink Fairy

Pink Fairies Pink Fairy Pink Fairy leaf Pink Fairy Caladenia latifolia X Pink Fairy caladenia-latifolia-bremer-bay-3-sep-2016 Pink Fairy leaf



Caladenia aff. latifolia


Caladenia reptans – Little Pink Fairy

Has been known as Dwarf Pink Fairy

Little Pink Fairy, Dwarf Pink Fairy Little Pink Fairy, Dwarf Pink Fairy Little Pink Fairy, Dwarf Pink Fairy


Caladenia marginata – White Fairy

White Fairy


  1. Ping from Christene:

    Awesome photos. Congratulations on your website! It helped me identify pink fairy orchids growing near the beach at Busselton. Also the purple donkey orchid we’d just seen at Collie. Thanks for a great site sharing your photos. Christene

  2. Ping from Ann Yoong:

    Thank you for sharing these brilliant pictures

  3. Ping from Helena Joyce:

    Thank you for the pics, now I know what is growing in my front garden. I’m so lucky to have native orchids just popping up! So very pretty.

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