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Spider Orchids

These orchids are possibly the best known of our native species.

Distinguished by long petals and sepals.

Slender Spider Orchid

wispy sepals and petals
Filamentosa complex

ssp Bulbarnet Rd

predominately white
Longicauda complex

Carbunup King Spider Orchid

sepals clubbed
Huegelii compex

Clubbed Spider Orchid

sepals and petals clubbed
Longiclavata complex

Green Spider Orchid, Fringed Mantis Orchid

upright sepals and petals
Falcata complex

Pink Candy Orchid

Candy Orchids
Caladenia hirta

Leaping Spider Orchid

Leaping Spider Orchid
Caladenia macrostylis


  1. Ping from Lori Baker:

    Hi Noël,
    what stupendous pictures….I too love our orchids.
    I have recently moved from the Hills in Darlington to Sorrento… I thought that perhaps my everyday spring walks would no longer be rewarded with the splendid sight of some orchids.
    how pleasantly surprised I was to come across a local reserve where I came across many beautiful, if common, orchids.
    I now help to remove weed species with a small but keen group of volunteers….if only more people would appreciate the beauty and increasing rarity of our orchids…
    thank you.
    Lori baker

  2. Ping from Jacqueline long:

    Thank you Noel this helps me identify the orchid that are growing on our block.

  3. Ping from Graeme Walker:

    Great site Noel, did not know you were doing this but certainly some one with the knowledge did, well done mate.
    Cheers Graeme.

  4. Ping from Luke:

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing 👍

  5. Ping from Joan Lyall:

    Hi Noel
    Have you written a book on identifying WA orchids?
    Your photos are wonderful

  6. Ping from Colleen:

    Dear Noel,
    Thank you for the beauty of your images… the Spider Orchid transports me to my childhood, when after arriving in Australia post WWII we ended up in Busselton. My mother and I would go walking in the bush land nearby to see wildflowers and discovered the spider and donkey orchid. We felt so enriched when we found these exquisite, but my mother made sure I only ever picked one – it was a donkey orchid. Thank you again, Noel.

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